Loveliness is a very muted word to describe the afternoon tea and festivities that were to be had at Jane Austen’s Birthday Tea. Miss Austen herself may even have enjoyed herself!! The surroundings were enchanting, the conversation lively and the company “great.” This was our third annual birthday tea, generously hosted by Sylvia Hom. We enjoyed tea fare that was exquisite and scrumptious. Then we tried our luck at a bit of trivia, which was easily conquered. We also enjoyed a condensed version of a theatrical version of Lady Susan, written by Michelle Lambeau. The readers were Kate Henderson, Perry Krowne, Michelle Lambeau, Donna E. Bennett and Diane Gorham.

The smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd, wait a moment, before I run away with myself, it was quite happily received by those in the audience. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy a production of the full version in the future! The entire afternoon was indeed all too short as we enjoyed each other’s wit and conversation. Many thanks to Sylvia for her generosity in hosting such a grand affair!