by Emily Smith

“The distance is nothing when one has a motive.” – Pride and Prejudice


A few weeks after the festival, I received a message from Jackie Herring, the festival director, asking my permission to use one of the photographs they took of me and a few of the friends I made as the promotional photo for next year’s 2019 festival.  The photo is to be used on their website, promotional posters and next year’s programme.  So of course, I said yes!  You can see the photo up on their desktop site now at

A couple months after that, I was asked to do an impromptu presentation about my trip to the JASNA Greater Phoenix members at their holiday luncheon.  Talking about the trip sparked the travel bug in me, and I decided to book a room at Lynwood House for next year’s festival.  If reading about my adventures have sparked the travel bug in you, I recommend that you join me and many other Janeites in Bath in September 2019.

Promotional Photo